Q. I have a Reasonable Adjustment Plan - is there anything I need to be aware of if I need to submit a PMC?

Reasonable Adjustment Plan/Student Support Plan


If you have a Reasonable Adjustment Plan (RAP)/Student Support Plan (SSP) which makes provision for individual assessments arrangements (e.g. extra time to submit assessments), you do not need to complete a PMC form to make use of these arrangements. 


You cannot submit a PMC form for matters covered by a RAP/SSP or where other interim arrangements have been put in place. 


If you have a RAP/SSP but experience additional personal mitigating circumstances or the circumstances covered by the RAP/SSP worsen, then you may submit a PMC with relevant evidence but you are advised to seek a review of your RAP/SSP through the Disability and Learner Support Service.


If you have flexibility around deadlines, you are reminded that this flexibility is built into your RAP/SSP for use when required but you and you should try to meet the standard deadlines as far as possible.  You should also note that flexibility around submission deadlines cannot be used for reassessments. 

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