Answered By: Joanna Wilson
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Box of Broadcasts (often referred to as BoB), contains recordings of hundreds of thousands of TV and radio programmes, including films, documentaries, arts reviews, current affairs programmes, dramas, soaps....

This short guide covers

  • Getting access
  • Searching for a programme
  • Requesting a programme
  • Creating clips
  • Creating and sharing playlists
  • Referencing a programme

Getting Access

Use Library Search 

Search for Box of Broadcasts and select the database from the list of results.

Click on Link to resource

Enter your University username and password

If you haven’t used BoB before you will be asked to set up a profile – it’s quick and easy, but make sure you use your university email address.

Please note that we recommend that you access Box of Broadcasts via the Library, using Library Search. If you access Box of Broadcasts directly, you will usually need to go through a number of steps -  ‘Login via your Institution / Library / Organisation / Shibboleth’ link.


Searching for a programme


   Use the Search link at the top of the page, to look for a particular programme, or programmes on a specific topic.

Click on the picture preview to view or listen to the programme.


   If you get too many results choose search options and filter the search. 

It can be useful to restrict your search to Titles only or Exclude Transcripts.

Not all programmes in the archive are immediately available.  You may need to request an item.  It will be added to your “My BoB” area as soon as it becomes available.

If you are looking for a specific programme and it is not included in BoB, it’s worth checking out the TV and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching (TRILT).


Requesting a programme


Use the Guide for a list of programmes scheduled for broadcast over the next 10 days.

Select the programme you want and click on Request This Programme:

You can make up to 10 requests per day. 

Once you have chosen a programme for recording, it is automatically added to your “My BoB” area when the recording becomes available. Then just click on the programme to view it.


Creating clips

To create a clip from a programme -

Click on the Make Clip button below the programme “window”

Drag the "in" and "out" pointers to the desired location.

Select Save Clip.


Creating and sharing playlists

You can create playlists within BoB.  These can be lists of programmes gathered together for your own purpose, or to share with other people. (However, please note that only people with access to BoB will be able to see your Playlists).

Select the programme you want to add.

Click on the Add to Playlist button and Create New Playlist

Give your playlist a title and description.

If you want to share the list – tick to make it publically available.

To share your Playlist with others, copy and share the URL for the list.


Referencing a programme

Each programme has a suggested citation for you to use if you want to include the programme in your references.  Although some of the information included is useful, please note this is NOT in the correct format for Salford University references.  You should use the University’s Web-based quick guide  to put together an appropriate reference.  Follow the format for TV programmes.