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Answered By: Alex Laing
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There is a range of accessible software available in our libraries. At the bottom of this page you can see a list of locations where the following software is available:



Magnilink CCTV machines are available on 2nd Floor (Extension) Allerton Learning Space.

CCTV is used to enlarge text or 3D materials on-screen. Printed materials, images or 3D materials are enlarged and reflected onto a monitor. The resulting image can be displayed in contrast and / or enlarged as per user requirements. Instructions how to use the equipment are located next to the equipment.



Inspiration is 'mind mapping' software that can display information and ideas visually using webs, maps, and diagrams. Inspiration can also reformat the visual information into an index or list in Word, enabling you to see your ideas as an outline of a report or an essay. Inspiration is available on dedicated PCs, please see the table at the bottom of this page.



Jaws is screen reading software available on selected PC’s across University, see list below for locations. 


My Study Bar

My Study Bar (MSB) is a collection of software applications designed to provide study skills support for students in their academic work. You should automatically have access to the MSB icon on your PC desktop in open access areas of the Library. My Study Bar consists of 6 areas: Planning, Reading, Writing, Vision, Voice, and Help. For help with basic use of My Study Bar, have a look at the My Study Bar Guide and video.


Microsoft Accessibility Tools

These may be useful when you are using a Microsoft Office application and they are available on all Library PCs. Go to Start - All Programs - Accessories, then select MagnifierNarrator or On-Screen Keyboard.


Adobe ReadAloud

Many of the online resources provided by The Library are in the Adobe PDF format. When you open a PDF document, you can ask Acrobat Reader to speak the text content into your PC headphones. Headphones are available from the Enquiry Desk at Adelphi if required. Find out more about Adobe's Read PDF content.


Zoomtext is a software package that can both magnify and read out text. It is available at Clifford Whitworth library and Allerton learning space on selected PC’s, see list below for locations.

If you feel you need to use multiple software systems it may be useful for you to set up a roaming profile. Roaming profiles are available as recommendations through Student Support Plans/ Reasonable Adjustment Plans (RAPs). If you do not have a roaming profile but would benefit from this service, please contact ITS Service Desk.