Looking for resources? Use Library search (the new name for SOLAR).

Answered By: Emma Pearson
Last Updated: Jan 17, 2017     Views: 17

Using Library Search, you can create your own favourites, send results to others or quickly copy and paste links (called 'Permalinks') to an email or any other social media platform. First, sign in to your Library Search account (top right of Library Search).

If you are a University of Salford student or staff member, choose the 'Students & Staff' option.

Then log in with your network (Blackboard) username and password:

If you are an external borrower, click the 'External Borrowers' option and log in using the username and password given to you in your membership confirmation letter.

To send links to resources you have found to another person, click the title. Then click 'send' on the screen that appears. Just enter the email address of the person you wish to send it to and then click 'send'. To share via social media, click 'Permalink' and copy the link. You can now paste that link into an email, or any other social media tool (Facebook, Twitter etc) to share it. 













To see your favourites list, move to the top right of the screen. Click on the encircled thumb pin icon. 



Organise your results by adding labels if you wish. The 'add labels' tool appears underneath each title. This helps you create groups of results around a keyword (from a module or essay title, for example).

To send a group of items listed under a label, first click the label, then click the top level tick box