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Answered By: Dan Leach
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2018     Views: 712

If you have an overdue item on your library account for any reason then, after five weeks, you will be invoiced for the replacement of that item. We will notify you of our intention to invoice at five weeks and block your library account. The invoice will be raised two weeks after that.

If you fail to return the item once it has been invoiced then the library may employ a debt collection agency to recover the charges. This will mean that you will be subject to any fees that they apply.

If the item remains overdue for fourteen weeks or more then the invoice raised against the item will be payable regardless of whether it is returned or not. At this point the library will have withdrawn the item from stock and it will be subject to our purchasing procedures.

If you receive notification that an item has become overdue you should return it to the library immediately.