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Answered By: LBP&Q Team Account Library
Last Updated: Oct 13, 2017     Views: 2

Thank you for your comment about the improvement in the space.

In regard to your comment about the PGR room

  • PGR students are full-time researchers, which requires a very high level of focus. They are generally researching or writing for long periods of time rather than coming in and out of lectures/seminars so they need a place where they can sit for long periods, concentrate and take breaks.

  • They are often doing research which contributes to the work of their Research Centre and they are therefore accorded certain privileges, such as work space, in accordance with that status and contribution to the University’s research.

  • The PGR study experience can also be a very isolating one (unlike the taught experience), so the communal space in the room is designed to ensure they have peer support.

  • On a logistical note, there is simply not enough room to extend access to the far larger numbers of taught postgraduates.


Kind Regards,

Library Services Coordinator