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Answered By: Amanda Swann
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016     Views: 38

Once you have made a request you must pick the item up from the site you selected. However, if you have made an error please contact us.

Books cannot be requested from a site where there are copies available; you would have to come into the library and collect the book from the shelf yourself. So if there are copies of the book you have requested on the shelf at Clifford Whitworth, then you would either have to come in to Clifford Whitworth and find the book on the shelf, or alternatively select Media City to pick it up from, and collect it from the request shelf there.

Please make sure you check the book’s pick-up location before you request an item, as not all library sites may be available to select. Requested books cannot be sent over for collection from a site where there are copies available on the shelf and would need to be collected from the selected pick-up site.

For example, the following book is available at Clifford Whitworth and therefore only Media City can be selected as the pick-up location:

See the links below for more information on requests and your library account: