Looking for resources? Use Library search (the new name for SOLAR).

Answered By: Amanda Swann
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2017     Views: 76

Some search results in Library Search, the library catalogue, may show '‘Online access may be available’ in orange text rather than showing green text indicating access or availability of an item:

This indicates that the item’s record has been found within USIR, the university’s institutional repository.

In some cases, Library Search may return additional results for the same item, showing that access to the item is in fact available:

In instances such as this, the item can be accessed by simply clicking  'Full text availiable'

However, if there is only a record showing ‘Online access may be available’, then you will need to click on this text and you will be taken to the item’s USIR record.

Once in the USIR record, you may be able to view the item immediately by clicking on download, unless the record shows ‘Restricted to Repository staff only’.

If the item you are wanting to access is restricted then you may still be able to access it by clicking on the link to the publication itself:

If you still cannot access the item, then you can firstly either select ‘Request a copy’ to send a request directly to the repository staff, or alternatively a copy can be ordered through Document Delivery.

More information about USIR can be found here