Looking for resources? Use Library search (the new name for SOLAR).

Answered By: Amanda Swann
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2017     Views: 114

When you request a book through the library catalogue Library Search, you first need to sign in.

The record will show which library site the book is available in, and whether there are any copies available on the shelf there. Please note, books cannot be requested to be picked up from sites where there are copies on the shelf.

To request a book, click on the green text.Then select Get It from the menu on the left hand side.

 Then click on 'Request a copy' .If you need the book by a specific date then you can fill this information in as well, however we cannot guarantee that you will receive it by a specific date.

To place the request, simply click on ‘Request’.

You will be sent an email to your university email account when your book is ready for you to collect. It will be held on the hold shelf, under your network username, at the appropriate site for you for 7 days. Books from the hold shelf need to be borrowed using the self-service machines.

Please note: If all copies of a book are out on loan and none are available, you will be able to request that item to be picked up from any library site, including the library where the books are normally located.

If Library Search is showing copies of the book as available at a specific library, then you will only be able to request the book to be picked up from a different library site.

For example, if you wanted to request the following book: 

You would only be able to pick it up from Media City library, as there are copies of the book on the shelf at Clifford Whitworth.

However, if you wanted to request the following book:

British cinema of the 90s

Out of library - click site name for more details:

  • Media City Main (791.43094109049 BRI )

Then you would be able to choose to pick it up from any library site, including its home site Media City, as there are no copies of the book available on the shelf.

Books cannot be requested from a site where there are copies of available; you would have to come into the library and collect the book from the shelf yourself.

More information about requests can be found at http://www.salford.ac.uk/library/use/library-account